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Falcon Fright Night 2017
Mark your calendars for our Falcon Fright Night "Fun Walk with Treat Stations" to support the Fairfield Parent Organization. Click below for more information.
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RCEC Job Opening
Reno County Education Cooperative (RCEC) is accepting applications for special education para-educators for potential openings in all Reno County schools. Click for more information!
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Mascot Mania
KAKE Mascot Mania
KAKE is sponsoring a contest to vote for your favorite high school to win a new mascot costume! We came in SECOND last year but this year we want to WIN! Click below for the details.
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Superintendent's Message

Fairfield Parents and Community,
They say that the wheels on the bus go round and round, while this statement is definitely true, the wheels going round and round mean that kids are being transported to and from school.  This is a great thing.  However, there are recent statistics taken that show students and drivers are in danger from other drivers on the road. 

A study conducted by the School Bus Safety Unit of KSDE surveyed districts’ school bus drivers for 30 days last spring.  The study was developed to track violations from other motorists during travel and stops of the busses.  What was discovered is alarming.  In the south central region of the state excluding Wichita metro area, there were 804 reported violations.  They include passing the bus while the red lights are on or when the stop sign is deployed.  These violations occurred at 71% from the front of the bus (oncoming traffic).  Another statistic that is disturbing is that two percent of the violations were on the Right side of the bus, where children are released.  This means that vehicles passed near a should, ditch, or curb to pass the bus when it was stopped to load or exit students.  That was in south central area of the state alone.

This article is being written to help clarify the laws of driving near and around a school bus.  The safety of our children is the most important thing for a school district, with the data recently collected and the charge of protecting our greatest asset (children) this has inspired me to inform or re-inform the readership of the newsletter.

Tip #1
A traveling bus on the road can be passed like any other vehicle, it is suggested to follow all traffic laws accordingly.

Tip #2
When you see a bus’ yellow lights on, slow down, it means the bus is preparing to stop to load or unload children.  Be prepared to stop, it is recommended to not run through the light like you may a traffic light.

Tip #3
When the red flashing lights are on, stop and wait wherever you are.  This includes in front of, behind, or near the bus.  The stop sign arm does not need to be out yet to adhere to this traffic law.  Of course, when the stop arm is out you should remain motionless.  The reason for this is, sometimes a student may exit or try to enter a bus incorrectly or from the wrong direction.

Tip #4
Remain motionless until the bus has turned off all lights and started moving again.  This will only happen when all students aboard are safe and secure in their designated seats.  With PreK students, they have to be bucked in harnesses per state law and this may take a short amount of time. 
With your cooperation we can ensure the safest transport of our kids to and from school.  We want to continue the wheels going round and round without incident.
As always, if you have questions feel free to call or email me.  Have a great month!
Dr. Nathan Reed
Superintendent, Fairfield School District 310