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FHS Volleyball at Udall

FHS Volleyball at Udall
Posted on 08/27/2017

High School Volleyball Quad @ Udall

8/29/2017- 4:00 PM Start

Ark City Christian Academy, Fairfield, Little River, and Udall

  East Court West Court Middle School Gym
 4:00 Udall vs Acca (V) Little River vs Fairfield (V) Little River vs Fairfield (JV)
 5:00 Udall vs Fairfield (V) ACCA vs Little Riber (V) Udall vs Fairfield (JV)
6:00 Fairfield vs ACCA (V) Udall vs Little River (JV) Udall vs Fairfield (C)
7:00 Udall vs Little River (V) Udall vs Little River (C) No Game

Warm-up time will be 15 minutes for the first match played by each team, then 10 minutes prior to each game after. Fifteen minute warm-up will be 2-5-5-3; ten minute warm-up will be 4-4-2.

Admission Prices- Adults- $4.00 and Students- $3.00