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JH HOPL Music Festival Results

No school at Fairfield did not mean no students.  As a matter of fact, there were students from five area schools with students participating in the Heart of the Plains Junior High Music Festival.  

Talented students from Burrton, Central Christian, Pretty Paririe and Stafford joined our own Fairfield middle school students.  Again, the Fairfield students did us proud earning 19 I ratings and two II ratings.  Great job Falcons!
Activity Group/Individual Rating
Band Judge 1 - I
Judge 2 - II
Judge 3 - II
Choir Judge 1 - I
Judge 2 - I
Judge 3 - II
Choral Small Ensemble  Ladies Small Ensemble I
Vocal Solo  Jacob Waters I

Hazel Osenbaugh I
  Dusti Ryan I

Kailynn Depperschmidt I
  Hunter McMillin I
  Kayla Blasi I
  Marisol Martinez I
  Karly Combs II
  Jake Beck I
  Jacob LaVallee I

Dustin Rhoades I
Percussion Solo Mason Kalmar (Snare) I
  Jared Bauman (Snare) I
Wind Solo  Jacob Bauman I
  Sarah MacMahon I
  Kayley Brown I
  Jacob Waters I
  Marisol Martinez I