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The Majesty of Colorado

The Majesty of Colorado
Posted on 04/29/2015
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Sometimes you just gotta see it to believe it! Such was the case with the beautiful, snow covered mountains of Colorado.  Our chartered bus, with the best driver ever, Mr. Julius, left early Sunday morning and headed west towards Colorado Springs.  Our first stop was at the Golden Corral in Garden City where we all chowed down to some good eats, I even saw Cotton Candy being eaten.   Next we headed for  La Junta for a short stretch of the legs and then on to Colorado Springs.     We did have to stop at the Colorado border for a photo, (you know by the “sign”).
Band trip to Colorado
The weather for our trip was cool and misty all the way out, so the mountain tops were hidden from view, but that didn’t stop the excitement.    On the first evening, we went to a Chucky Cheese-type place only for bigger kids called “It’z”.   You’ll have to ask the kids who won the most tickets or who climbed the rock wall the fastest?

Monday morning we were scheduled to take the Cog Railway to the top of Pikes Peak.  Upon arriving at the depot, we were informed we would only be going up to 11,500 feet, because 12 feet of snow was covering the tracks to the Summit.  So we were a little bummed at first, but as we started the ascent, the smiles to began to break out and so did the ooh’s and ah’s.    The views, although cloudy were amazing.  The snow blanketed everything, and it was so peaceful.   A really beautiful sight to behold! 

On the trip down, we stopped at a platform at about 10,000 feet for photos, etc.  It was at this time we unloaded the train, and with the majestic backdrop of the Rockies, we sang the National Anthem.   It was so cool!   Hopefully a lifetime memory for some.
Singing at Pike's Peak
That afternoon we headed for the Garden of the Gods, where, with the help of Ranger Bob, we took a guided tour of the park.  I had never gone through the park before, but am sure glad I did this year.   It is a free park with so many amazing sights to see.  I would strongly encourage everyone to take the tour.  It did cost us, but we used some of the money donated to us by the After Prom parents to help pay for this.   It was a real treat for sure.  We then headed to the US Olympic Training Center.  It was truly an impressive site.   We saw world class facilities of all types ,and we even talked with World Champions and Gold Medal winners too.
We were given hats, scarves and collectible sports cards by their most gracious staff.   This is another must see spot.  
Band at TEAM USA
For the evening meal, we had reservations at the Airplane Restaurant.  From the moment we walked in, we were treated as Kings and Queens with a meal to match.  The owners purchased a military tanker from WW II and then built a restaurant around it.   I even got to sit in the cockpit. Sort of made me glad I stayed on the ground.  It was just so much fun!   When the owners found out we were a choir, well you guessed it…..we had to “sing for our supper”.   So once again, we gathered and sang the National Anthem in front of this historic and special plane.   It was a Kodak moment for sure.    Then it was back to the hotel for swimming and late night snacks (mostly pizza) which was also paid partially for by an After Prom donation.   

Overall it was a tremendous trip.  I want to thank all of my sponsors, Brett and Stacy Dunn, Eric and Danielle Geesling, Karen Kalmar and my wife, Vonda…. you guys were awesome.   Thank you for giving so much to these kids and our school.  Last, but not least, I want to thank the kids themselves.   This might be the first time that everywhere (and I mean everywhere) we went, someone came up to me to tell me what well behaved and mannerly kids we had.  You guys are the best and I thank you for allowing me to go out on top of the world(or at least PIkes Peak)!!