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Middle School League Music Contest Schedule

Middle School League Music Contest Schedule
Posted on 04/07/2015
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Large Groups –
Bands will warm up 30 minutes before performance time on the stage
Choirs will warm up 20 minutes before performance time in the library  


Time School Entry Name Size Judges Room Accompanist
9:00 Central Christian Band 16 Pelischek, Robinson, Temaat Music  
9:25 Burrton Band 27 Pelischek, Robinson, Temaat Music  
9:50 Pretty Prairie Concert Band 25 Pelischek, Robinson, Temaat Music  
10:15 Fairfield 6-7-8 Band 40 Pelischek, Robinson, Temaat Music  
1:10 Central Christian MS Choir 35 Moreland, Webber, Brown Music Thompson
1:30 Fairfield 7-8 Choir 43 Moreland, Webber, Brown Music  
1:50 Pretty Prairie Concert Choir 21 Moreland, Webber, Brown Music  
2:10 Burrton MS Choir 34 Moreland, Webber, Brown Music  


 Time  School  Entry Name  Judge  Room  Accompanist
9:00 Fairfield Dusti Ryan   vocal-F Brown Spicer Roth
9:00 Fairfield Trent Evans   vocal- M Moreland Trotman  "A"
9:08 Fairfield Clayton Fleming vocal- M Brown Spicer Roth
9:08 Fairfield Jaetyn Conrad vocal-F Webber Wyatt  "A"
9:16 Fairfield Taylor Hutchinson vocal- Webber Wyatt "A"
9:16 Fairfield Travis Kessler vocal-M Moreland Trotman Roth
9:24 Fairfield Sarah MacMahon vocal-F Moreland Trotman Roth
9:40 Fairfield Hailey Richardson vocal-F Webber Wyatt Roth
10:15 Fairfield Band 40 Pelischek, Robnson, Temaat   Music  
10:52 Fairfield Lissy Hansen vocal-F Webber Wyatt "A"
11:00 Fairfield Ethan Hall vocal-M Brown Spicer  "A"
11:08 Fairfield Men's Double Trio 6 Brown Spicer  
11:16 Fairfield Felicity Nienke vocal-F Brown Spicer  "A"
11:24 Fairfield Abigail Geesling vocal-F Brown Spicer "B"
11:32 Fairfield Maddie Spence vocal-F Brown Spicer "A"
11:40 Fairfield 6th Grade Ensemble23 Moreland Music  
11:40 Fairfield Kylie Polk vocal-F Webber Wyatt "A"
11:48 Fairfield Verenice Sanchez vocal-F Brown Spicer  "A"
11:56 Fairfield Gattlin Spellman vocal-M Moreland Music "A"
13:30 Fairfield 7-8 Choir 43 Moreland, Music Webber, Brown
13:56 Fairfield Trent Evans Bass Clarinet Robinson Trotman  "A"
14:04 Fairfield Maddie Spence Eb Horn Temaat Spicer "A"
14:12 Fairfield Kiley Flanagan Clarinet Pelischek Wyatt "A"
14:20 Fairfield Serena Chantra Clarinet Pelischek Wyatt "A"
14:28 Fairfield Sarah MacMahon Clrinet Pelischek Wyatt  "A"
14:36 Fairfield Dusti Ryan Flute Pelischek Wyatt "A"
14:44 Fairfield Taylor Hutchinson Trumpet Temaat Spicer "A"
15:00 Fairfield 7-8 Girls 20 Webber Music