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Heart of the Plains Music Festival

Heart of the Plains Music Festival
Posted on 03/04/2015
Heart of the Plains IconThe Heart of the Plains (HOPL) Music Festival is scheduled in Burrton, Kansas on March 10, 2015.

The following 7 students will be leaving at 7:00 am by suburban to make their contest times:
Kayley Geesling, Josie Zink, Tiffany Carroll, Joel Lusk, Logan Kalmar, Brent Malmstrom, MacKenzie MacMahon
 8:24 Kayley Geesling   Vocal solo
 8:32 Josie Zink  Vocal solo
 8:40 Tiffany Carroll  Vocal solo
 8:48 Men’s Trio (Joel Lusk, Logan Kalmar, Brent Malmstrom)  Vocal Ensemble
 9:08 Ladies Trio (MacKenzie MacMahon, Josie Zink, Kayley Geesling)  Vocal Ensemble
 9:40 MacKenzie MacMahon  Vocal solo
 9:48 Brent Malmstrom  Vocal solo

The following 29 students will leave FHS by bus at 8:00 am with horns and music to make their contest times:
Laynee,Summer, Sierra, Aubrey, Jesse, DJ, Harly, Dalton,Araseli, Damian, Kara, Garrett, Philycity, Raelee, Peyton, Hannah K, Amber,Trevor, David, Alex, Jasmine,Hannah S, Ellie, Emma, Katelyn, Skylar, Toby, Jerry and Cody V. 
 10:00   Dalton Dunn  Vocal solo 
 10:30  Fairfield Band  Fairfield Band
 11:00  Jasmine Pankratz  Vocal solo 
 11:08  Ellie Schwertfeger  Vocal solo 
 11:16  Laynee Barlow  Vocal solo 
 11:20  Honor Choir  Vocal solo 
 11:24  Harly Donovan  Vocal solo 
 11:32  Amber Kor  Vocal solo 

The following 21 students will be dismissed at 11:15 for lunch at the school and depart FHS by 11:45: 
Brad, Mia, Hannah D, Emily, Annie, Jakob, Shyanne, Branden, Bryanna, Lane, Aurora, Aaron, Paige, Ryan S, Ethan, Faith, Ryan St. Victor, Paul, Haley and Malyssa D. 
 12:24  Sierra Davis  Flute Solo
 12:32  Brent Malmstrom  Trumpet solo
 12:40  Garrett Geesling  Baritone solo
   1:50  Fairfield Choir  Fairfield Choir

The bus will be leaving Burrton at approx 2:30 pm.

Good luck to all!