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Changes at Fairfield

Changes at Fairfield
Posted on 08/02/2017
ConstructionConstruction has started at the Fairfield campus!  

We are excited about the new additions and updates that are coming to our school!  However, we also realize that there will be some "growing pains" through the process with the hustle and bustle of construction.  Because of safety concerns and requests made by our contractor, the road that goes behind the elementary building will now be closed to all regular traffic and parking.  It will be open for construction purposes and material deliveries ONLY  at this time; eventually it will be closed to all traffic.  All USD 310 staff, students, parents, and guests need to stay off of this road until further notice.

For those of you used to parking in the back, you will need to park in the regular teacher/student parking lot spaces.  For parents who are used to checking in or out children at the elementary office, you will also need to park in the regular lot and head into the school.  If you call ahead to request it, we will have your elementary students waiting for you to check them out in the high/middle school office since it is closest to the parking lot.  As always, please DO NOT drive your cars in front of the school if the buses are lined up.  If we all work together, we can make these transitions go much more smoothly.  We will communicate with you about further changes.