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8th grade mock trials
Administrative meeting
Jump Rope for Heart Assembly
HS Capture the Food Flag
President's Day
National FFA Week
FFA Staff Breakfast
8th grade mock trials
MS Scholars Bowl practice during seminar
CLASS Leadership presentation during seminar for HS
FHS basketball at Remington
National FFA Week
FFA food for America Pre-K - 4th
CKTL Track meeting at Hesston
National FFA Week
FFA Community Lunch in Arlington
Forensics at Kiowa County (novice)
FHS basketball at Remington 
LIFE 6:00 pm

National FFA Week
FFA Staff Breakfast
Collaboration Day, students dismissed at 12:30
National FFA Week
Forensics at Lyons

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Superintendent's Message

Fairfield Parents and Community,


You may ask what is happening at USD 310, besides construction of course.  Well, there has been a great effort to evaluate, plan, and implement our own version of redesigning schools to meet the needs of each individual student.  Our state of education department (KSDE) has issued a challenge for us to work collaboratively to provide new avenues for students to have the opportunity to be successful post high school graduation.  There are several committees that have met several times already to take up the challenge.  This will not happen overnight, but it will happen!  We have excellent educators in place that have a student’s first mentality.


Kansas education must be flexible to meet the needs of today’s students and the future workforce. Kansans have said that while academics are important, schools needs to place equal focus on helping students attain nonacademic skills in order to be successful in the workforce.  By 2020, it is estimated that 71 percent of all jobs in Kansas will require some postsecondary education. Today, only 52 percent of Kansans have “some” postsecondary education. We need to close that gap.

Work Force:

While academics are and will remain important, students who lack nonacademic skills, such as conscientiousness, perseverance and the ability to collaborate and communicate, will struggle both in the pursuit of postsecondary education and in the workforce.  Schools, parents, communities, and businesses need to work together to make sure our kids are well prepared.

How to get there:

Kansas children need quality preschool, including all-day kindergarten, which we already have at USD 310.

Changes need to be made to address school culture. We have to value and support the student who chooses to pursue a technical education or a two-year college degree as much as we do the student pursuing a four-year college degree.


New dynamic roles are needed for counselors and social workers. We have to provide opportunities for school counselors and social workers to focus on helping individual students explore career paths and develop Individual Plans of Study (IPS).  Currently, we have a full-time social worker.  We do have a teacher serving as a counselor as well as teaching.  Our plan is to free her up to concentrate more on counseling services for students.


Collaboration between schools and businesses is critical. We must find a way to get businesses into the classroom and the classroom into the businesses through internships and job shadowing.  This is something we need to focus on improving, as what we offer is in its infancy. 


Schools need to be reorganized around the student, not the systems. We must find a way for equity and common sense to coexist.  Community service should play a bigger role in education. These topics are discussions happening at the stakeholder meetings to decide what is best for our district.


The outcomes to get us there:


·         Social/emotional factors relative to student success are to be measured  locally.

·         Kindergarten readiness. z Increasing graduation rates.

·         Increasing the percent of students completing a credential or pursuing  postsecondary education.

·         Each student will have an Individual Plans of Study (IPS) focused on career interest.


 As always, if you have any input, questions, or concerns about the work being done for all students, please contact me.

 Dr. Nathan Reed

Superintendent, Fairfield School District 310



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