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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Bond Election
(Click here for a printable page of these questions and answers)

  • Will we even have a school district in ten years?
    • Yes, we have held consistent enrollment if not increasing the last several years. A consolidation of this district would not be in the best interest of students and families as students would need to be bussed a great length of time to reach any other district. Our district already consists of 435 square miles with nine bus routes. We have more students than most neighboring districts close to our size.
  • Why do we need another gymnasium and locker rooms?
    • PE classes have to share space with two different ages of students and often get little time for PE class.
    • MS practices have to occur during the school day which creates logistical staffing issues.
    • Practice space for MS and HS teams.
    • Hosting other teams, there is only two sets of showers.
    • The locker rooms will be additional needed safe space during severe weather. 
  • Why do we need more classrooms?
    • We currently have eight classrooms that are in temporary modular structures and for safety and security getting those classes under one roof is ideal.
    • Additional safe room will be built in for one of the classrooms due to the lack of current space during severe weather.
  • Why do we need more kitchen and cafeteria space?
    • We serve breakfast and lunch to students PreK-12 in a space designed to serve only lunch to 9-12 students.
  • How many meals do the kitchen and cafeteria serve during a normal day?
    • On average over 140 breakfasts served a day (45% of all students) which is significantly higher than the state average.
    • On average over 245 lunches are served a day (78%) which is inline with the state average.
  • Why can’t the Arlington or Sylvia school be reopened to meet the school needs?
    • Both buildings are no longer owned by the district.
    • Transportation costs to get the students from all over the district would not be cost effective and would possibly take away from resources for the classrooms.
    • There would still be major infrastructure issues with another old building in use.
  • Is the bond just for a gym?
    • No, it includes safety and security measures with controlled building access, electrical, and plumbing issues. It also includes adding eight classrooms, additional safe rooms, expansion and updates to the kitchen and cafeteria.
  • What is the current storm shelter capacity? What would the capacity be with two additions proposed?
    • Currently we can fit in around 300 souls (not comfortably) in the safe room.  The safe room is very viable, just not large enough to accommodate everyone here on campus day-to-day.
    • The additions would each allow for 165 more souls to have added protection in each of the other added areas.
  • What would be the lunch/rotation time with a larger cafeteria?
    • It would depend on the all school schedules, but it would not have to start so early and end as late as it does currently.
  • Would the bond affect the taxes on mineral rights?
    • The short answer is yes. The longer answer is, it is all based on the valuation of the mineral rights of the previous year or three years determined by whether it is a gas lease or oil lease. Fair market value determines the tax and the assessment ratio on the fair market value is 30%. If your valuation goes down, so do your taxes, of course. It would be a year to year determination.
  • What is the added gymnasium for exactly?
    • The gym will serve as additional space for PE classes during the day.  The design of the floor will be multi-purpose floor, not wood floor.  It will be used as an additional practice space for volleyball and basketball as well.  The gym will have enough seating capacity to serve as a secondary gym during competition.
  • What will be done with the current modulars?
    • The modular on the east side of the campus will be removed. Its value is very little, but could look at selling it for some monetary value. The north side modular could be repurposed for non-instructional space (example: storage, BOE meeting room, district office space).
    • Bot modulars are completely paid off.