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Superintendent handoff
Superintendent handoff
Fairfield USD #310 is announcing the hiring of a new superintendent. On Monday, April 9, USD 310 Board of Education President Derek Zongker announced the 5-0 vote Monday night, April 9th at the regularly scheduled board of education meeting. Betsy McKinney will start as the district's new superintendent, effective July 1, 2018.
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Changes at Fairfield
Construction has started at the Fairfield campus! Click below for road closure and updates.
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Superintendent's Message

Fairfield Parents and Community,

     Recently, I have been engaged in several discussions about what redesigning schools should look like.  Because of the new Kansas vision toward focusing on the needs of every student, redesigning what has been done over 100 years is scary, confusing, and exciting.
     As it stands, our district is averaging 43% of our students finishing two years of college or gaining an industry recognized credential.  This is good, but we know that over 70% of jobs in Kansas will require some post-secondary training.  What the statistics lack are the students that enter a family business out of high school.  For example, a student who starts working on the family farm after graduation is not included in that statistic.  In addition, any student who joins the military after high school is also not included.  The data collection definitely has its limitations.  This is not to say that these students are not successful, on the contrary.  It is just what we know from post-secondary institutions.
     There will always be a need for the traditional track in schools, if we have roughly 43% of our students who are prepared for their future with this approach, we will not abandon the system designed to prepare those for college and university.  At least one third of the jobs of the future will require these degree preparations.  However, the fear, confusion, and excitement revolve around what we do here at Fairfield for the other 57% of students we have.  How do we teach them in a way they are prepared for their future?  It will take all of us to figure determine the best way.  We ask all district patrons to engage the school district with ideas that will help us determine this challenge.  At no time in the recent past have we had so much flexibility to meet the needs of all of our students across the district and the state.
     What is good for Fairfield will look different that even our neighbor districts.  We all have different students, priorities, and resources.  Comparison will be difficult at best, which is welcomed.
     In one of those recent discussions about how to redesign for our students, a wise person made an observation that has stuck with me.  The system of education has been very structured and regimented for many years and generations.  However, learning has not.  Learning is unique to each one of us.  We all learn differently and at different rates depending on the content.  To acknowledge and accept this truth will lead us in planning the best approach for every learner that passes through the halls of Fairfield Schools.
     We will make mistakes as we grow through the process of change, but if we keep the needs of our students at the forefront of thought and planning, we will be successful in meeting the needs of all children.  The process has only begun.  There is no finish line, there is only continuous improvement.
Dr. Nathan Reed
Superintendent, Fairfield School District 310