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Present:  Sarah (Landmark); Sid (Wiens & Co.); BOE members Travis and Brent; and Nathan Discussion topics: - soil testing possibly cost $4,000-$6000 - the group went through the contract between Wiens and Co. and USD 310 - finishings for each addition- gathering input from other stakeholders but keeping priorities in check to stay within budget -discussion about lighting for new additions ex) LED lighting -3-6 weeks needed for pre-construction Phase I - Phase II begins (construction document phase) this is blue prints and specific designs.  During this time we will get hard bid numbers from Wiens to establish the overall budget for the bond projects. - Recommendation from Sid, new classroom addition configuration could change to save money (up to 1000sq ft) from first proposed draft -Recommendation from Sid, the savings of having a Pre-Engineered Metal Building vs. Precast gymnasium.  The group decided to go with the savings of a metal building - There will be a meeting March 10th to confirm plans to move forward with the recommended changes to design.
Posted by nathan.reed  On Mar 13, 2017 at 8:37 AM 1 Comment
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