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Present: Jim Combs, Travis Mathes, Sid, Sarah, Engineers- Laura, Chris M, and Chase B., Nathan, Chris (Electrical Engineer) Design and Building schedule was reviewed. Classroom design review discussion - location of LVT flooring in classrooms was identified - location of tack and marker boards indicated and approved - Flooring in the corridors was discussed- VCT was approved - Decision to NOT provide a drinking fountain in the classroom addition to conserve cost Gym Design review discussion - volleyball, basketball, and scoreboard locations were reviewed- manual height adjustment was approved - gym duct height discussed - concessions layout reviewed - road location was reviewed and approved Mechanical discussion - sewer utility work - high pressure gas supply will be routed over existing building and reconnect to maintenance office - gas supply volume adequacy needs to be verified by KGS - air ventilation design in weight room/storm shelter needs to be determined - the separate ERV unit for weight room and locker rooms will be eliminated Electrical discussion - new transformer and feeder locations discussed - light alternates were confirmed - power plans reviewed - engineer will indicate smoke sensors for fire alarm system instead of duct detectors NO ADDITIONAL DESIGN MEETINGS HAVE BEEN SCHEDULED AT THIS TIME! (see project action deadlines in June 7 post)
Posted by nathan.reed  On Jun 28, 2017 at 8:39 AM 3 Comments
Attendees: Eric, Derek, Sarah, Laura, Aaron, Brian, Sid, and Nathan Contractor update: recommendation to upgrade sewer lines and grease trap on east side of existing building Architect update: sidewalk placement around new classrooms and gym; next meeting will be choosing styles and colors of carpet, etc.; need to get input from PreK and K teachers about number of tack boards and white boards; power door options; revised concessions layout; scoreboard placement and kind of scoreboard in new gym Engineering update: camera placements in gym and weight room Update to Action deadlines: Site Plans release- June 20th; Construction Documents release- June 28; Site Prep by Wiens- July 5; date- July 18 (could change); Contracts decided on at Special BOE meeting- July 31st; Construction start- August 14 (possibly earlier); Classroom complete- May 15, 2018; Gym addition complete- June 15, 2018 Next meeting: June 15th at 1 pm in district office
Posted by nathan.reed  On Jun 14, 2017 at 9:05 AM 2 Comments
Highlights of Construction meeting: -Electrical needs in new gym and weight room addition wire new gym for eventual sound system basketball goals and location, whether they are fixed to wall or motorized (possible savings later) scoreboard location -Concession stand configuration- wall oven? *will get Cindy Childs input on concession stand needs -Outer lighting needs for new structures -transformer and generator location on east side -replacing sewer line, the need to do it now if at all.  Life of existing is at the end. ***will meet every week as long as needed now NEXT MEETING: June 8th at district office- 1pm
Posted by nathan.reed  On Jun 08, 2017 at 8:33 AM 4 Comments